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Founder + Designer 

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Anna, who dabbles in everything except politics, has over 20 years of experience in event consultancy. She has navigated all sorts of weddings, and has an uncanny sense of foreseeing disasters. She’s a good friend of all brides and grooms and can conjure up feasts of magnificent proportion or exquisite dinner that will be the talk of town many years later.

With a background in floristry, f&b and the arts, Anna has an eye for aesthetics, entertainment, culinary and understands the right floral design and accessories to complement your wedding. She designs flower arrangements that will enhance the venues, never forgetting that after all, the Groom and Bride should be the Stars of the wedding!


Logistics and Accounts 

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Originally from Germany, Wolf resides in Singapore currently and oversees the logistic & accounting aspects of Spellbound Group's events and consultations. 

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